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Lords of the Feywild

This episode: A brother and sister united once again? Will anything be able to stop the power of love? And will Randus ever learn to not fall down a rope? These questions mostly answered in this episode!


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  1. OMG, Awesome show! Really enjoyed how the characters have progressed over the years. I just finished marathoning CH all 159 episodes over the last 4 weeks. What a ride! In appreciation I have given a donation of .25 per episode up till now and signed up for the $2 per month donation. Thanks for all the time you guys put into this. I’m already in withdrawl.

    Question: Do you guys have a suggestion for a pathfinder based actual play podcast? I have suffered under the D&D stigma so i’m going with pathfinder partly to avoid this. I’d love a podcast that would help me learn the ropes. P.S. I have previous D&D 3.5 experience.

  2. Wow, never figured Trelle would have such a serious moment in this episode, did not see that coming. She does have a point, Eladrins will need help to rebuild and I doubt all of the ones in the astral plane will return home.

    Can’t wait see what happens next, maybe a blue hedgehog that run really, really fast? :)

  3. My big question that has been in back of my head for the last few weeks is when is the Queens Rebellious Daughter going show up again. She seems like she is about due to show up again.

    Good show as always

    • I was hoping it was going to be her who showed up at the end of last week’s episode. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked who it actually was, but I was really hoping it was going to be the Queen’s Rebellious Daughter.

  4. BittersLingo on

    First off what an amazing episode!! Such amazing deep moments with Trelle which wereso inthrilling!! Was it just me or were there others that were yelling at the recording for Trelle and Orem to kiss?? Even if it was just on the cheek. I really thought for a few minutes there that was where it was heading… Is this the start of something new? Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    • I agree that I was with you on that front, but I think in retrospect the way things went is more natural and realistic. I do have to say I’m intregued about how Candis would react to her ex being with her brother because, given the Eladriness, she’d probably be logical and instead of being jelious or resentful it would be more of a supportive “I’m glad you two found love” and thus confuse the hell out of the two. The confusion is a side effect I love causing when playing overly logical characters.

      • BittersLingo on

        Yeah.. I guess we won’t really know if it had of changed anything for sure.. Maybe it might be something that grows in the future??

    • I really hope this stays platonic – Trelle’s willingness to be so open and show such respect for Orem after such a short time (especially with his attitude towards Elves) says a lot more about her than a rebound crush ever would.

      Also my read on Trelle is that she’s very comfortable with who she is, and that means she’s just not interested in Orem in that way.

      Great episode for Orem too – showing how much he’s grown since he came from the Feywild. He seems a lot more self aware.

      Great work all of you.

    • Trem? Orelle? Either way, I’m totally sailing this ship.

      I loved this ep, though, I’m sure everyone around me thought I needed a trip to the looney bin for cackling at my iPod so much…

  5. If i would be GMing that game i would fix up the sovereign thing quicklly and move on to the Eladrin/Elves vs. Drow thing. This is player brought content that is superp with drama and epic battles.
    Right now the characters are walking arround from 1 MacGuffin to the next. Not that cool in my eyes.

    I am big on player empowerement and Tyrele (you know it will allways be spelled wrongly) just gave us a major plot point that is way to cool to pass up.

    I fear Rodrigo is not that big into that than i am…
    i hope he comments on that

    • choose your own reply:
      #1.) no steering wheel on the right, mate.
      #2.) a completely plot-driven (yes, even the Hogba) game where our characters experience differing aspects of a unique landscape (to be hack, as much a character as our heroes ), interact meaningfully with others and themselves, and fight their way through a harrowing ordeal to bring an almost-too-late touch of peace to the catastrophe-ravaged homeland of our central character (who has shown some alarming signs of the kind of distress that can birth a turn to bloodlust) has got to be the most elaborate MacGuffin ever.
      #3.) Your take on the material is an interesting one, and i too appreciate the weaving of the player’s ideas into the story. Rodrigo discussed his own love of this vital part of the roleplaying experience when he revealed that Exilarchy of Cogs came entirely from a note in Randus’s (Randii?) backstory. I look forward to your take on events as the story continues.

  6. Gotta say this episode nearly, literally killed me. It was a digression, but when DnD Brian said, ‘It’s funny, cuz it’s true…’ I nearly wrecked my car from laughing so hard.

  7. Hey don’t you guys have alot of Magic item creation ingredients? Why don’t you try to increase your defenses up? If Rodrigo is rolling 9s on the die and still hitting you guys, then it’s no wonder you are taking so many hits. And I’m pretty sure that all dice that would have been rolled for the attack is maximized on a crit. This includes Quarry, Curse, and Furious Assault.

    I apologize but man it is sometimes painful to listen to your show because your characters are so underpowered while Rodrigo’s monsters are not.

    • I apologize but man it is sometimes painful to listen to your show because your characters are so underpowered while Rodrigo’s monsters are not.

      I don’t know that we’re underpowered at all, in the context of the gaming world we’re in. If we were more powerful, there would just be a greater level of difficulty.

  8. These podcasts are becoming extremely girly: baking (seriously?), relationships, “it’ll be ok”, “He really needs you now”. Time to get back to quality, nerd, old school D&D. Barely hear from Torq (the strongest character) now, it seems.

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