MARKET SHARE: DC Tops, Walking Dead slays


We knew during the San Diego Comic Con that The Walking Dead was the top selling comic for the month of July, and early numbers indicated it was the top selling comic for the last decade.  Diamond Comic Distributors has released the numbers for July, and things are looking good.

DC sat on top of the mountain in July claiming the top spots for Dollar Share and Unit Share.  In past months, the split between Marvel and DC has been less than one percent, but July had DC beating Marvel over one-percent for the number of books sold.

While all of that is well and good, when it comes to the Top Ten Comics Sold in the Direct Market, things get a little strange.  The Walking Dead #100 took the top spot – the only non Big-Two book to make the list, but DC didn’t enter the Top Ten ranking until number four with Batman #11.  Marvel claimed the silver and bronze with two installments of the Avengers vs. X-Men series.

Though things are looking shiny and bright from the initial numbers, the data becomes more interesting when one notes that compared to June, the total number of books sold in the direct market was down by nearly 2-percent.  While I haven’t gone back to look at the actual number of books shipped, I have a feeling Marvel shipped fewer books in June, resulting in the dip in books sold as well as Marvel not claiming the Unit Share top spot as the company has in the past.

Compared to a year ago, comic sales are up by 15-percent, with dollar amounts increasing by 22-percent.  The amount of money brought in needs some further investigation as one needs to see if overall cover prices increased from July of last year.

Finally, the Year to Date numbers are looking good as well, as overall comic sales are up over 18-percent.  A number of factors could be contributing to this including the “Hold the Line at $2.99″ initiative, the New 52, and Marvel’s The Avengers movie.

via Diamond Comic Distributors