With the first #12 in comic shops, we approach the end of one year of the New 52, probably the biggest gamble any comic company has taken since 1987, the year that the Crisis reset everything.  Some fans are still angry, but I still hear each week that the relaunch brought lapsed readers back into the comic shops, and I am seeing a meaningful influx of real NEW readers for the first time in over a decade.  Whether you like it or not, the New DCU is here to stay (until the next universal shakeup), leading me to question whether everyone from the old world exists in the new.

The MS-QOTD  (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) sort of misses Rip Hunter, asking:
Which characters do DC editorial absolutely need to get back in action in the new DCU?


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  1. Wally West and Donna Troy.

    It seems like these guys are the former Teen Titans that have slipped through the cracks while Roy, Dick, Jason, and other sidekicks have made an appearance.

    It’s time to bring that out from behind the curtain.

  2. Kevin Kortekaas on

    Booster Gold needs his own series again, I really enjoyed the previous series. IBut it’d have to be the time cop thing, as watching him struggle with “being a fool” publically, but privately saving the world time and time again as just great.

    Seeing The Atom in a series again would be great, I don’t really have a preference between Ray or Ryan, although a series following Ray would probably get a stronger following.

    Also, after watching the two part Starro Batman Brave and the Bold, I think a Bwana Beast book would be neato.

  3. Kevin Kortekaas on

    In addition, seeing some Metal Men would be great, especially as a kids comic (as while DC has some good kid oriented books, giving my son some variety would be great).

    • I agree with Kevin, this sounds like a great idea. Plus, if nothing else it means DC can try educating children, which the Metal Men are just made for. Who else can combine crime-fighting with a lesson in science?!

    • I’m with you, but if the rest of the books in the new 52 are any indication, any of the good humor attached to those characters would fall by the wayside. Even my LCS guy said they need to lighten up, and Plas or the Metal Men would be a great way to do it.

  4. Lee Goldberg on

    Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. It seems like the plans are already in place.
    Also, any of the DC “Cosmic” heroes, like Adam Strange, Captain Comet, or L.E.G.I.O.N

    • Hell, add the Darkstars in there. With the Green Lantern Corps falling apart, the universe seems to have room enough for another organization of space peace-keepers. Especially since the GL mythos seems more intent on inter-corps conflicts than just fighting evil forces in space.

      Why not have somebody raid the old Controller strongholds and pilfer a few Darkstar suits? Could be interesting.

  5. I have to go with the Question. specifically Vic Sage needs to make a return. A street level crime series, sort of like Marvel’s Hawkeye, staring him would be amazing.

  6. 1) Wally West. The character has become a fan-favorite following “Young Justice”. One of my co-workers absolutely loves West as the Flash and wants to pick up the monthly book to see more of the character . . . but oh wait, Dan Didio forgot he existed.

    2) Stephanie Brown – Not as crucial as Wally West, but still one of my favorites. Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl proved the character could hold her own book and honestly, I think even as the Spoiler the character could still hold just as much weight for fans.

    3) Jack Knight – This is a nitpick, but is anyone else confused what universe “The Shade” is set in? If the JSA exists solely on “Earth-2”, does Jack Knight even exist more? And if not, just how does the Shade fit into the new DCU since many of his actions involved Jack in the first place?!

  7. Since my main choices have already been accounted for in other people’s lists, I’m just gonna throw out a character I loved that I think deserves a place in the new DCU: G’nort. Give him an all-ages title that still exists within the confines of the current universe, possibly teaming him up with the likes of Plastic Man and Ambush Bug.

  8. Not that they need to do this but things I find odd with the NuDCU:

    – Has Cyborg showed up in any other book than Justice League?

    – I find no Doom Patrol odd.

    – No Ambush Bug?

    – A better costume for Power Girl (or even back to the first image we saw of her – much better than the current thing she’s wearing).

    • Kevin Kortekaas on

      Some Doom Patrol would be good, as well as some Challengers of the Unknown that aren’t the shity version recently released.

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