STATUES: Kotobukiya announces Green Lantern ARTFX+ statue


Following the reveal of Kotobukiya’s New 52 Superman statue, the company has announced that Green Lantern is getting the ARTFX+ treatment as well.

Green Lantern stands in a heroic pose that’s perfect for a lineup of Earth’s most powerful protectors. The cocky Justice Leaguer stands with his feet apart and arms at his sides, with his right fist raised and ready to unleash his ring’s energy. Kotobukiya’s excellent craftsmanship can be seen in the intricate details of Green Lantern’s ring-generated New 52-style suit including the shoulder pad-like armor and of course the logo on his chest. Jordan’s green mask is perfect, as is his wind-blown brown hair.

The Green Lantern statue stand 7.5-inches tall and is sculpted by Atelier Bamboo. This statue also includes magnets to lock it into the display base, and it goes with the rest of the Justice League statues the company is releasing throughout 2013.

The Green Lantern New 52 ARTFX+ statue has a $39.99 price tag and arrives in January 2013.

via Kotobukiya