AUCTION: Star Wars merch sells high in auction


Profiles in History is the place to go for movie memorabilia and collectibles, and recently a number of Star Wars items sold for high dollar.

If you ever wanted to own the Chewbacca headpiece worn by Peter Mayhew, the “finest screen correct” headpiece sold for $172,200 in the recent auction.  It should be noted there are other Chewbacca heads that are in the LucasFilm collection, but this high dollar piece is now in private hands.

There were a number of other high dollar Star Wars items sold in the July 28th auction including:

  • Screen-used blaster from Star Wars: A New Hope – $104,550
  • Concept art for Star Wars poster by Tom Jung – $73,800
  • Concept art for Star Wars poster – $4,920
  • Stormtrooper blaster – $43,050
  • Complete Stormtrooper costume from Star Wars: A New Hope – $12,300
  • Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Phantom Menace Lightsaber – $46,125

This auction was part of the Dreier Collection auction that also included a complete Christopher Reeve Superman costume used in the 1978 movie that sold for $79,950.

These are the kinds of auctions I would love to bid on should I ever win the lottery jackpot as these items would go into the Major Spoilers Museum of Pop Culture that would be open to the public Monday through Tuesday from 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM on even numbered years.

via Profiles in History