STATUES: Kotobukiya unveils Superman ARTFX+ statue


Though we get a ton of Superman and Batman statues from DC and their related companies, I’m really interested in checking out Kotobukiya’s New 52 Superman ARTFX+ statue that arrives in January 2013.

Superman stands in a classic heroic pose, his feet spread apart and his fists held tensely at his sides. The intense look on his face captures the Kryptonian’s focus and drive, while his intricately sculpted muscles show you that he has the power to back it up. Superman’s resplendent red and blue New 52 costume is accurate down to the last detail with its iconic red on yellow “S” emblem, textured suit, technological belt and boots, and of course his long cape.

The man of Steel statue stands 7.5-inches tall and is sculpted by Goutaro Takeuchi. Even better, the magnetic display base that Superman stands on will connect to future Justice League member statues that will be released each month in 2013. And if you think you can’t afford one of these statues, guess again, Kotobukiya has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

via Kotobukiya