TOYS: More Halo Minimates on the way


Diamond Select Toys has announced it has a new collection of Halo Minimates on the way, and the company is doing something new – including extra parts to customize your army.

  • The UNSC Marine and UNSC Sergeant come with two assault rifles, plus an extra helmet to turn your Sergeant into another Marine! DOUBLE MARINES!
  • The Red Spartan vs. Blue Spartan two-pack comes with two assault rifles and four extra helmets — two Rogue and two ODST — so you can add some diversity to your squad!
  • The Elite two-pack includes an Elite Assault with Spiker and an Elite Combat with Needler, both in a lovely shade of violent– er, I mean violet. Build a purple power base!
  • The Prophet of Regret comes with a Brute Chieftain, and while the Chieftain gets a gravity hammer, the Prophet gets fancy new belt pieces for his pals Truth and Mercy!


The two packs are only available at Toys R Us, but I hear there is a Series 5 Box Set that will be available exclusively at specialty shops.

via Diamond Select Toys