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The League of Champions returns in September with issue #14, cover-dated October, featuring an all-new, book-length adventure that includes 8 pages of previously unpublished artwork by comic book legend DICK GIORDANO.

This all-new issue of Heroic Publishing’s superhero team comic book picks up precisely where issue #13 left off. With Earth under threat of invasion by six powerful Lords of Chaos, twelve different Champions have split into six teams of two in order to face down the menace. And in the tradition of the classic superhero team comics of the 1940s, each chapter of this new League of Championa Adventure is drawn by an artist associated with one of the featured characters.

First, comics’ shining goddess of light, FLARE, teams up with the all-new GIANT to deal with the malevolent MOUNTAIN MASTER. This chapter is draw by Giant’s regular artist, CHRIS MARRINAN, who in various issues of Heroic’s flagship CHAMPIONS title was also one of the first artists ever to draw Flare.

Next, Heroic’s master of magic, DOCTOR ARCANE, teams up with the TIGRESS to take on the formidable FOREST FIEND. This chapter was drawn by the late, great, DICK GIORDANO, who before his untimely death was slated to be the Tigress’s regular artist. Sadly, Dick was able to draw only five Tigress adventures. This was Dick’s fourth Tigress tale. The first three appeared in Champions #37, Flare #35, and Champions #40. The fifth and final Giordano Tigress adventure is tentatively scheduled to appear in print sometime in 2013.

And to wrap up this issue, ICESTAR teams up with Flare’s electric little sister SPARKPLUG against the deadly DESERT DESPOT. This chapter is drawn by TERRY PALLOT, who was Sparkplug’s principal artist during her several-issue run as a regular back-up feature in issues of Flare.

The story will continue in League of Champions #15, and conclude is the super-sized Champion Annual #3, currently scheduled for a summer 2013 release.

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