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One of the greatest comic book artists of all time, Mr. Adams brought a realism and intensity to the medium that had never been seen before.  He turned the industry on its ear with his dynamic reinterpretations of Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and the Spectre.  His groundbreaking work on Deadman remains a touchstone for all the artists that followed in his footsteps.  The issues of X-Men and Avengers that he was responsible for are considered by many to be the best of the runs.

His Continuity Studios launched the careers of many artists and continues to invigorate a multitude of media today.

Long a champion of artists’ rights and human rights in general, he was integral in getting Siegel and Shuster, the creators of Superman, the acknowledgement and compensation they were due.  His insistence that comic book art had value changed decade’s long policies of publishers keeping or even destroying original pages post-production and resulted in artists having their work returned to them.

Neal is always happy to meet with fans and discuss his upcoming projects.  He will be signing and doing commissioned sketches throughout the day, as well as selling art, prints and collected volumes.

Don’t miss your chance to meet a “real” comic book hero at a casual, comfortable venue.

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About The Great Allentown Comic Con! – The Largest Pop-Culture Comic Convention in the Lehigh Valley.  Founded in 2010, by Riverside Comics; The Great Allentown Comic Con (GACC) is already one of the fastest growing Fan-focused events in the comics industry.  Currently located in the 10,000 sq ft Showroom of the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown PA, the GACC is dedicated to producing celebrations of comics and popular culture by providing unique access to talented artists and a family-friendly experience for fans.  The show motto “Get UR Geek On!” represents in part the recognition of the diverse and unique nature of our fans, and to our commitment in providing events where they can come and express themselves freely.

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