The “Marvel NOW!” initiative promises to reconfigure the Marvel Universe, taking off from the as-yet-unpublished end of AvX into a whole new world where the Hulk wears armor and everyone complains about Cap’s new uniform.  Though I have my own ideas about Marvel continuity, I was taken by Brian Bendis joking that his favorite character in his upcoming X-Men stories is Luke Cage.  (At least, I think  it was a joke.)  Then again, writers often have a pet character that they take with them from series to series: Chris Claremont has Storm, for many years Steve Englehart had the Beast, and Howard The Duck always seemed to show up in the late Steve Gerber’s Marvel stories.  I freely admit that if *I* was writing Avengers, my wildcard member would be The Mimic, the X-Men’s first recruit and second field leader, because I have a deep desire to see that character become the new Wolverine.  Also, Iron Man would be duct-taped to a chair.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) loves Power Man too, but C’MON, already, asking:
If you took over writing your favorite comic book team tomorrow, what one pet character would you use? 

(Universal boundaries need not apply, so The Shadow can lead the LSH, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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  1. The_Bear_Jew on

    Space Ghost, but he would just be a super-reporter for the team, broadcasting their triumphs on Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

  2. Puck. He would be be the voice of experience on some teams. He has an interesting, sometimes cynical point of view.

  3. Can I have a couple: in which case it’s definitely Ralph & Sue Dibny on JLA, possibly JSA. Jaime Reyes & Mr. MIracle & Big Barda as close 2nds.

  4. The first answer would be Deadpool, but since he is all mainstream nowadays and I’m all hipstery, I’d have to go with either Ch’p for DC or Howard the Duck. What can I say, I like animals.

  5. Atomic Robo. Have him come into the Marvel U through some crazy inter-dimensional whoziwhatzit and have him become an Avenger while also showing Reed Richards and Tony Stark a thing or two about super science.

  6. I’d find a way to use G’nort in one of the Green Lantern series. Ideally it would involve him either returning to being an active Green Lantern or possibly becoming a Blue Lantern (because I think that would be quite fitting for him). I also have this silly idea where he ends up in Japan or a Japanese-like alien world and befriends a neko-like Metahuman.

  7. Chamber from Generation X in the Marvel verse. Ever since he took out Omega Red I have thought that the living nuke would be cool. although I to would love to see Mimic get a rebirth.

    What would happen if Mimic joined a team with Multiple-Man? Would that make Mimic his own super team?

    DC i don’t know…Guy Gardner could get punched by a lot of people…that could be fun.

  8. Marvel: Mimic Exiles version.
    DC: Mr Miracle or Starman (Thom Kallor)
    Atomic Robo is too awesome for any team. Except Team Science.

  9. ~wyntermute~ on

    Booster F’n Gold. ^_^ I think I’m his second biggest fan (the first being “himself”, naturally). I love his transformation from “Money Hungry Punk” to “Guardian Of The Time-Stream Who Has To Downplay His Role, Thus Giving Up The Glory He Used To Want.” It’s a =rare= example of maturity and growth in a superhero… Most heroes are ‘heroic’ to start with, but Booster had to learn to come to grips with NOT being recognized as a hero, and found himself to be okay with that in the long run — a transformation that literally took YEARS to accomplish.

    Also, if I get a 2nd pick, I’ve got to agree with Ralph & Sue Dibny. They’re an example of what we need more of in comics: STABLE PERSONALITIES. Like, seriously…. Ralph was a pretty flexible character (pardon the pun) because he was essentially always “A Regular Guy Who’s Got Detective Skills” (said detective skills are what lead to his Gingold discovery, and though his bendyness was emphasized heavily, even BATMAN recognized his outstanding intelligence/lateral thinking powers) and Sue was a “Realistic Modern Female” (loved her husband, but occasionally found him exasperating, and was capable of running the household.)

  10. I would make Jar-Jar Binks the new Wolverine, just to show my contempt for the current state of the comic book industry. (Steps outside, gets lynched by a rampaging horde of nerd Lucas haters)

  11. Stan Lee promised he would never come back from the dead…
    But, I’ll take a six-pack of Buckys.
    He can call himself anything he wants.

  12. Jason Quiett on

    Colossus has always been my favorite character. I’ve always liked his normally gentle nature (until recently) combined with his sense of responsibility to protect people. My favorite Colossus moments are when he takes center stage during the fight with Proteus and when his usually gentle nature is pushed to the breaking point by Vertigo during the Mutant Massacre. I really appreciated the rage mixed with anguish that was done for him in that scene.

  13. Duela Dent. There’s something I love about her, so having a whole series built around her craziness & how it’s pretty pathetic at its core (she’s always looking for a family to attach to, having no idea who her own is) would be pretty fun. Plus, I like heroic/semi-heroic takes on “evil clown” motifs.

    My Fresh Precure sequel set in the Legion-verse where Harmonia Li is the main enemy that exists only in my deranged fangirl head would so be a thing, too.

  14. Richard Rider Nova. I like the idea of a young hero all grown up whose been from one end of the universe to the other and personally killed Annihilus, but I’d like to put him in a team setting with people who only know him as “part of those idiot kid New Warriors”.

    • If you want to see that story in action, read Justice League Europe. With Ralph Dibney constantly comparing Wally West’s Flash to Barry Allen’s Flash. Even though Wally was an accomplished hero in his own right,Ralph would constantly opine how Barry would have done this and how he would never do that.
      The character moments in those JLI books were great.

  15. Dwayne McDuffies Deathlok. I loved the way he was a pacifist trapped in the body of an unstoppable killing machine.

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