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Andrew Anderson, “31” previously published by 215ink, is proud to announce three new books that will start appearing next year: “War of the Gods”, “Identity” and one untitled book.  Additionally, more “31” news is on the horizon.

“War of the Gods” follows the last five heroes in the United States. They are the descendants of the gods or are the gods themselves. The story takes place five years after the villains have won.

The interior art will be handled by Jenny Huggins, who is a relative newcomer to the world of comics. Huggins previously worked on children’s books.

“Identity” follows a former team of heroes after the heroes have disappeared.  The heroes have shattered their identities and are now re-emerging to tackle a threat that the U.S. Government accidentally created because of them.

The book’s interior art will be done by artist Chris Holm (Steam Pets, Portal Webcomic). Chris is no stranger to comics. Chris says, “The story just called out to me.”

Andrew states, “[He’s] been knocking the pages out of the park!”

“TBD” is a time traveling epic. The time travel story follows a character who has figured out how to transmit his brain waves back in time as a hologram. He ends up interacting with a girl who had passed away that he went to high school with. Over time he gets to know her and avoids questions about the future. He falls in love with a dead girl, who he will never be able to be with.

Andrew is very pleased to announce that he has secured Lauren Fore to do the artwork for it.

Also in the lineup for 2013 is a reboot of the comic “31”. Andrew and former publisher 215ink have split ways; however, Andrew wishes to continue on with “31”. Andrew has teamed up with artist Orlando Baez on the project. Film rights have been sold to Framelight Productions. Andrew is excited in continuing to work with Framelight and hopes the new series of “31” will be enjoyed.


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