Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Solomon-HarryHoudini-AlBundy-Zatanna-AdamAnt-Morrisey Edition


With the recent release of Marvel Comics’ new Captain Marvel title and the announcement that the original Cap will be going by Shazam, I’ve been thinking about superhero naming conventions.  In recent years, Marvel has been notorious for having multiple versions of the same character name floating around (right now, there’s a non-Peter-Parker version of Spider-Man in the Dark Avengers, there’s Miles Morales over in the Ultimate universe, and half a dozen alternate universal versions, such as 1601 Peter Parquagh), while DC’s multiple realities made discussions of WHICH Green Lantern had come out as gay akin to an Abbot & Costello routine.  (“Who’s on first?”  “Guy Gardner!”)

The MS-QOTD (prounced “Zeh-hoo-tee”) always kind of had a crush on Isis, asking:
Should iconic names be “retired” like jersey numbers, or is it fair play to have six active Captains Marvel?