The latest issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² featured the iconic be-scarfed Fourth Doctor working alongside the crew of the original series Enterprise to save a remote outpost from the menace of the Cybermen.  Knowing that there are literally decades of history to play with, nearly a dozen Doctors and half a dozen notable Captains in the Stark Trek  franchise, my brain started wondering what ELSE might have happened in this new shared continuity that we don’t yet know about.  Could Khan’s knowledge of eugenics come from The Master?  Could Adric and Wesley have nerded out together before inexplicably and insufferably saving both the TARDIS and the Enterprise?

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reverses the polarity of the neutron flow and diverts power to the shields, asking:  With all the characters in play, what would be your dream ST/DW team-up?


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  1. – The Doctor (regular or even alternate timeline, as he’s mentioned himself before that it is possible there is an alternate timeline version of himself) The Valeyard or possibly even the Human Meta-Crisis Doctor (the one that is with Rose) and either the original Mirror Universe goatee Spock and crew or the Mirror Universe DS9. Or maybe even the Meta-Crisis Doctor and Rose meeting one of the alternate versions of the Enterprise-D (they’ve shown quite a few other timelines in the series after all).

    – Cyberman/Borg hybrids creating a paradox to trap multiple incarnations of The Doctor in an attempt to assimilate him for his knowledge.

    – Something involving The Doctor trapped in the Nexus from “Generations”, possibly multiple incarnations or shifting through incarnations since it is a time anomaly.

    – Something involving the Doctor ensuring that the Trek Earth’s First Contact with the Vulcans still happens while someone else (either DW or ST villain or both) tries to stop it. Could possibly happen at the same time as “Star Trek: First Contact”.

  2. Seventh Doctor & Deep Space Nine, no question, if that was ever done, be it animated, comic book, or live action. They have my money.

  3. 1. Does Gary 7 work for the Time Lords, Shadow Proclamation or unknowingly the Master?
    2. 6th Doctor vs. Q Round 1!!! Who has the bigger ego?
    3. Vulcans vs. Daleks- fewer feelings?
    4. 3rd Doctor and Jo getting into trouble on DS9. Pertwee sparring with Gul Dukat and teaching Worf some moves.

  4. After thinking about it there’s so many ways to do this and it’d be great. But I think my top two (at least at this moment) would be:

    – Janeway & Voayager meet up with Dr. 9 (Eccelston). Or Dr. 7 (McCoy) & Ace.

  5. Cast: Dr. (Smith) & River Song, Amy & Rory, Luxona Troi & Picard, Vosh &Q.
    Synopsis: everyone meets aboard the Enterprise but Q whisks them all away to one of his realities. While there Q wins over all the ladies, the guys are obviously upset, Vosh gets upset she doesn’t have Q’s undivided attention and Picard is torn between his relief that Mrs. Troi is leaving him alone and his general distaste of seeing Q happy.

  6. So much to choose from with E-space and Pah-wraiths and everything, yet all I can think of is Eleven on the bridge of the Enterprise saying “Rand, put some trousers on!”

  7. Kevin Flythe on

    I’ve got two I’d love to see. One involves revisiting Romana and K9 in E-space and the Warrior’s Gate mythos. Somehow the Pah-Wraiths use the Wormhole to re-open the pocket dimension between N-Space and E-Space, threatening the Tharils. Romana somehow gets word to the Doctor (the fifth one now, who is joined by Turlough, Peri, and Kamelion) that she, K9, and the Tharils are facing a new threat. We need to bring back those cool mirrors, and we need robots and time-sensitives to pass through them, so let’s round up Data and Wesley Crusher (the latter of who will remind the fifth Doctor of the recently departed and also quite youthful Adric). Since we’re involving the wormhole and thus Bajor, let’s throw in Colonel Kira and some of the DS9 crew (particularly Bashir, so we could see him quip with the doctor, and maybe Dax, who the doctor has encountered a previous host of in a previous regeneration). AND since we’re dealing with the wormhole, let’s contrive a way for Sisko and Dukat to make reappearances. Whew.

    I’d also like to see a little romp called “The Twelve Doctors” with all eleven incarnations of the Doctor joined by The Doctor (from Voyager) and the rest of the Voyager crew in an ‘inescapable’ holodeck simulation (safeties off, of course) on Voyager, engineered by the Master. We could throw in the best Who villains (Daleks, Cybermen) with some from Voyager’s run (Borg, Hirogen) and let the good times roll!

    • I can just see Doctor 11 materializing and saying “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

  8. For some reason, I’ve always liked the idea of the Tenth Doctor and Jadzia Dax running into each other and being old buddies from back in the day. They’re about the same age, I think…

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