If you have made it to the theater for The Dark Knight Rises then you were treated with the first official trailer for Zach Synder’s Man of Steel. Well now Warner Brothers has released not only that trailer, but another with a change in the voice over. Check them out after the jump.

First, the Pa Kent voiced over trailer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8q3ZFCMhpY]

And now Jor-El doing the talking.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-toIu5JscE]


Two fathers talking over the same footage for two equally great first looks at the newest Superman adaptation. Every time I view these trailers I can’t help but think that Nolan has been a large guiding hand through Synder’s movie. Oh, and the lens flare over 2013 added a lot.

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  1. Supergirls Dad on

    It is kind of odd to see the sea scenes. One guy, sitting behind me at the theater, kept going on and on about how an Aquaman movie would be stupid until he finally saw that it was Supes.

    First off, I don’t think it an Aquaman movie would be as stupid as the guy complaining about it.

    Second, I will be a little disappointed if Smallville is taken out or moved seaside.

    • Those scenes are exerts from the time between Smallville and Metropolis when Superman is supposedly walking the Earth to find himself.

  2. For the voice over with Jor-El I guess I hadn’t realized that Russell Crowe was playing that part. But I do have to say that it is kinda neat having Crowe doing it. So yeah I this might be a great movie. Can tell by the trailer its gonna blow TDK:Rises out of the water….because Superman is awesome.

  3. Other than the jittery hand-held camera style, this looks good. Wasn’t sure about the actor but seeing him in this trailer, I think he could make a good superman.

    • superman is a whole year older than batman(superman debuted 1938,bats 1939),age doesnt seem to make batman any less relevant today.

  4. It’s interesting to notice the Lord of the Rings music – though it’s not unusual for studios, when they fall on hard times, to “rent” assets to other studios. You’ll often see this in trailers for movies that aren’t far enough along for the musical score to have been recorded, but the most extreme case was the studio that did the movie “Tora Tora Tora”… they lost so much money on the picture that they sold the special effects many times over – watch this movie first and then watch ‘Midway’ and they used battle scenes from TTT over and over without alterations! They also used the same battle scenes for the tv mini-series “Pearl” and I’ve even seen the battle footage used in documentary films!

    I’m glad for the explanation about the scenes in the trailer being Kal-el wandering the globe because my first thought was “what – are they making Pa Kent a norwegian fisherman???”

    • The music, while from Lord of the Rings, is a variant of Adagio in D Minor. It was used in Sunshine, Kick Ass and The Walking Dead to name 3. The main difference is the female vocals which aren’t in the others.

  5. The other thing that’s interesting is how the two different voice overs change the emotional response to the exact same footage! Very clever! Reminds me of how much better a movie Blade Runner is without the voice over from the theatrical release – but it’s the same exact movie footage!

  6. I’m with aerohalen1 on this one. I love Henry Cavill (no, I mean seriously – I *love* Henry Cavill), but Emo-Superman has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever.

    Russel Crowe’s voice-over makes it even worse. I could buy into a forelorn and lost Clark/Kal-El/Superman trying to find himself in a world with no real knowledge of his Kyrptonian heritage and where Ma and Pa Kent:

    A) never were, B) died young, C) took him in for the foster child money which they then blew on cigarettes and alcohol

    But what I get from these teasers is that, just like Donner’s Superman, he was told from the time he was a fetus he was special and meant to inspire lesser humanbeings to greatness yada-yada fishsticks, develops incredible powers beyond those of normal men, and – let’s face – grows up to be a hottie and is *still* all sad and bent out of shape about his life.

    To which I say: tough sh*t; I wish I had your problems. At least Peter Park was a wuss with acne and coke bottle glasses before he became a super-stud.

    I’ll watch this at the dollar theater.

  7. Funny. I watched the first one and thought, “Aw. They switched the teaser with next season of ‘The Deadliest Catch.'”

    The idea of a “more down to Earth” Superman movie is that it could go either way. Supes is one of the most NON-down-to-Earth characters out there. But if they do it right, they can easily build him from humble Kansas boy to interstellar bad ass in a way that works. In any case, I’ll have to wait to see more.

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