MERCH: Atomic Robo joins Freak Show Longbox series


A while ago, Freak Show announced a Savage Dragon deck, and now the company has struck an agreement with Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener to get Atomic Robo in on the action.

 A 7 ply, PRO skateboard deck with an amazing graphic by co-creator Scott Wegener! See our BUY section to pre-order yours now!   Just like the Dragon decks, these will be available signed and unsigned. All signed decks will include a mounting kit! And decks will ship with a sheet of BRIGHT BLUE grip tape!

I can’t balance on skates or a skateboard to save my life, but this may just get me to buy a deck to hang in the Nerd Room of Doom.

The Atomic Robo deck begins shipping in Mid-September.

via Freak Show