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Following in the footsteps of the Sonic App and more recently, the Red Circle App, Mega Man comics are now available on the Mega Man App dedicated to the smash hit comic series. During the recent Archie Panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, iVerse Media CEO Michael Murphy made the exciting announcement of this latest development in Archie’s digital expansion, already perceived as a leader in digital comics.

This wasn’t the only Mega Man related news to come out of Comic Con. Fans were thrilled to hear of the upcoming crossover between Mega Man and SEGA’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, who will meet for the first time in an epic 12-issue event written by Ian Flynn, who regularly handles the video game icons’ monthly ongoing titles.

Download the Mega Man App today and stay current on the Blue Bomber’s adventures. You can purchase Mega Man from your local comic shop (here’s the locator) as well as the Archie Digital Storefront.

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