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From a dream, to a discussion in a sauna, to a film, and now to the highly anticipated comic book line, the independent spirit is alive and well in one of the most talked about and eagerly awaited films of 2012;  IRON SKY. Thanks to Blind Spot Pictures strategic partnership with Hazmat Studios, LLC., fans can now expect more than just the film.  Blind Spot has exclusively partnered with Hazmat to produce an Iron Sky comic series as well as graphic novels based on their blockbuster hit film. Showing to sold out theaters throughout Europe and the UK, Iron Sky will be coming to screens across the U.S. this summer. As of this press release, initial showings in San Francisco theaters have already sold out.

In the world of entertainment where it’s commonplace for a comic book property to make the transition from the printed page to the big screen, Iron Sky is going from film to comics, with Hazmat Studios’ amazing creative team making it all possible.

Gerry Kissell, lead artist on the Iron Sky comic project, and founding member of Hazmat Studios (, along with Hazmat co-founder, fellow comic artist Amin Amat, have taken the reins on drawing the Iron Sky comic. Gerry and Amin are the artists who created last year’s best selling controversial graphic novel Code Word: Geronimo for IDW.  Gerry said this of the joint venture with Blind Spot:  “It’s very exciting!  Iron Sky is a story that simply begs to be told in comic form, and we are very proud to be helping make that happen.” Pekka Ollula, Head of Social Media at Blind Spot Pictures added “When we met Gerry, we knew he was the one to draw the comic, we love his art and his passion for our film.” Pekka also added, “Having Mikko Rautalahti of Alan Wake fame writing the script is such a huge perk as well. He understood our desire to tell a good story while maintaining the humor of the film.”

Without revealing too much of their direction with the Iron Sky comic books, Kissell did say of their plans, “We’re going to have a great time doing these comics!  There are so many great stories to be told; some that take place before the film and some after.  So, we’re going to tell them, and we’ll have fun doing it.  I believe the Iron Sky fans will appreciate our efforts.”

Production on the comic books has already begun, as issue #1 was released on the official Iron Sky website earlier this year. We will see the first Graphic Novel released for sale later this year, with plans for expanded universe stories following.

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