On Friday, Oni Press took to the stage to make the announcement of coming collections of a few web-series and to tease us with two new original works. Learn the details after the jump.

Coming out next summer will be R. Steven’s comic Diesel Sweeties. Oni Press has decided to not collect the 12-year run on the comic in chronological order, but rather group them by subject matter. It is a slightly unorthodox method for collecting a comic, but will hopefully still provide an enjoyable read for the fans.

By the time Diesel Sweeties is able for purchase, Scott C’s Double Fine Action will have already been in stores for months. In April, Double Fine Action will have a new edition of it’s 2008 volume, soon to be followed by volumes 2 and 3. Scott C had this to say about his work being published by Oni Press:

I am getting super pumped about Oni Press, you guys. I think Oni Press and the Double Fine Action Comics will make an incredibly powerful team worthy of any battle against anything.

To finish up their round of announcements, Oni Press left everyone with two image teasers for upcoming titles and said that the titles will be discussed more at New York Comic-Con in October. The title names are: Buzz! by Ananth Panagariya and Tessa Stone and A Boy & A Girl by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat. We do know that Oni is trying a different publishing method with the two titles as said by George Rohac, Oni’s operations director.

None of these are webcomics – they’re just comics. This is an incredibly simple concept we’ve seen get ignored time and time again. Frequently comics that were online first have been relegated to imprints or treated as an outside entity. It is as though the fact that a physical tome did not exist first makes the comics being featured some sort of riddle of the Sphinx.

It seems that all the publishers are making announcements for more titles being pushed digitally; of course, none of this is a surprise if you have ever listened to Stephen talk about where the medium is heading.


A Boy and A Girl

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