SDCC’12: DC Comics The New Wave


Here’s your Major Spoilers rundown of the items discussed during the DC Comics: The New Wave panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Talon – The lead character, Calvin Rose, will have a lot of history behind him, and Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV will work closely together to make sure the character sticks around
    • The Court of Owls has been attempting to track Calvin down ever since the escape artist slipped from their claws
    • Scott Snyder said this was the DaVinci Code in Gotham
    • At this time, don’t expect to see Nightwing and Talon meet in the near future
    • As I suspected, Talon is very much like Azrael, but as Tynion explained it, Talon is a very different tone


  • Phantom Stranger – As seen in the Trinity of Sin FCBD Edition
    • The Stranger will meet a character from before the New 52 relaunch
    • Phantom Stranger will make a pact with Trigon in the first issue
    • Pandora will appear in the second issue of the series


  • Team 7 – DiDio described the book as “a real crucial book for us”
    • The team consists of Grifter, Black Canary, Amanda Waller, Deathstroke, and Steve Trevor – which by my count is only five…
    • Bobbie Chase said the book will feature an amazing origin for Black Canary


  • Sword and Sorcery – As noted previously, Amethyst has returned
    • The book is to fill the current high fantasy niche that DC doesn’t have filled
    • This will be a fairly dark book
    • Rachel Gluckstern compared the series to Game of Thrones


  • Smallville – Sad news for Stephanie Brown fans, DC has decided to replace Stephanie with Barbara Gordon.

“If we’re going to introduce guest characters into the Smallville universe, we want to introduce the most recognizable characters, like Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne,” said DiDio to a fan dressed as Batgirl

That last bit is probably the one thing that Dan DiDio says this entire weekend that will set the Intardwebz on fire.

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