SDCC’12: Marvel: House of Ideas Panel


We’ve already seen what DC had to offer in their first panel, now it is time for Marvel to talk up the House of Ideas.  Here is your Major Spoilers summary of the event.

  • As expected, Marvel did talk up the free digital download code included in every book, as according to the company, this is a great way to get people to sample digital comics for nothing.
  • Of course the free digital download code is only for the company’s $3.99 books, but David Gabriel, Senior VP of Sales at Marvel, said they might consider doing it for the $2.99 books if there was enough interest.
  • Of upcoming projects, Marvel did say that the Avengers vs. X-Men hardcover will come with a digital code, and the Infinite Comics would be printed in the trade.
  • Marvel also showed off the Marvel AR app (we’ve demoed it here), really hitting on the added material a reader gets with this initiative.
  • I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently Marvel is doing a recap video instead of a recap page with these Marvel AR comics, which surprised a number of people in the audience based on questions from the floor, which may have surprised those at Marvel.
  • The panel also featured the company’s various social media iniatives, showed off some of the current videos being produced for the Marvel site, and streaming media presence, and that was about it.

While this doesn’t seem to be like a big deal, or even that interesting of a panel, what Marvel is doing is what any large company should be doing to try to engage their current AND potential audiences through a variety of different formats.

Share your thoughts on Marvel’s digital initiative in the comment section below, and check back often for more news from the panels.

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