While panels from the Big Two with talks of Batman, cross-overs, and free digital codes are sure to draw large crowds, Dark Horse is hosting a panel focusing on the talents of creators focusing their skills into their own properties. Major Spoilers has your run down of what was discussed at the Dark Horse: Powered by Creators panel.

  • Tony Puryear was the first creator on stage to talk about his work Concrete Park. Puryear describes the work as “poor people in space” with the lowest level of citizens exiled off of Earth. Look for Conrete Park in Dark Horse Presents.
  • Another title getting its start in Presents is Black Beetle. Creator Francesco Francavilla was on hand to give a run down of his book saying, “It’s kind of a throwback to the old pulp heroes.” Look for Black Beetle to start its own series in 2013.
  • Stan Sakai of Usagi Yojimbo gave the announcement that he will be taking a break from Yojimbo in order to work on a new title, 47 Ronin, with writer Mike Richardson. But don’t worry Sakai won’t be away from Yojimbo for too long.
  • To cap off the panel, Goon creator Eric Powell took the stage to discuss the future his book. As Major Spoilers reported months ago, with issue 40 Goon will be going monthly and entering the second big storyline. Powell said that the monthly schedule is set for the next two years and that we should expect even more blood and murder.
  • Too much dismay from this writer, there was no news on the much tossed around idea of Goon getting a movie treatment.

And that’s that for this panel. All around, there seems to be a lot of excitement from the creators over their books from Dark Horse. Any of these announcements have you ready to run to your LCS? Let us know in the comments section below.


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