SDCC’12: J. Michael Straczynski launches Studio JMS


J. Michael Straczynski has been all around the comic book world, working on some of the biggest titles, for some of the biggest companies. The writer has also done a fair amount of work in television, feature films, and video games, and tonight the writer announced the launch of Studio JMS.

Studio JMS is designed to bring all of Straczynski’s projects under one roof.

Straczynski will run the studio with Patricia Tallman, who has done her share of acting in horror and sci-fi films, and appeared in Babylon 5 as an actress. For the past decade, she ran Talent To Go as creator and co-owner. They have a number of initiatives that include an ambitious feature that will mark his directorial debut.

Deadline has an extensive report on Straczynski’s activities including a web series for, two television series, at least one movie, and a partnership with Image Comics to bring back Joe’s Comics.

“I’ve always dreamed of creating a mini-studio where I can put all of that work under one roof, telling stories that I want to tell and which can be spun up between various platforms: comics that can become TV shows, TV shows that can become movies, and movies that can become comics.”

This sounds like something that is right up Straczynski’s alley, and should allow him to work more on his own properties, which should give him more of a reason to continue with projects he controls.

via Deadline