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For four days it’s a madhouse. People are grabbing at staff, yelling out questions and placing orders at high speed. No, it’s not the floor of the New York Stock Exchange: it’s the Comic Images booth (#2913B) at Comic-Con in San Diego, where Yoda, Darth and Chewy join Spidey and Frankenstein to rein supreme in all their geekdom.

“We come to Comic-Con to debut our newest products and offer limited edition items developed specifically with fans in mind,” said Alan Gordon, president of Comic Images. “This year we’ll have a dozen new and limited edition products including a first-ever C3PO Super Deformed Plush. This is a 14” limited edition Super Deformed Plush made of gold lamé that will only be available at Comic Con and Celebration.”

New fan favorites are available in the Super Defomed Plush, Backpack Buddies and Footzeez lines. And the buzz is building as fans are already inquiring about the new Chewbacca Messenger Bag.

“The Chewbacca Messenger Bag is a somewhat different direction for us. The design is more subtle and upscale from our figural Backpack Buddies. We worked closely with Lucas on the development of this item and we are sure by Sunday that you will see a number of them on the show floor,” said Gordon.

Also on hand are new entries to Comic Images’ well-loved Super Deformed Plush lines. Characterized by their enormous heads and tiny bodies, hands and feet, the Super Deformed approach lends a halo of “cool” to these classic characters.

“People see our products and go ‘whoa, I want that’ or ‘my husband/son/ cousin/best friend would love that,’” said Gordon. “Products like our Super Deformed are unique in their appeal because the characters are timeless, the product is affordable and the approach is irreverent and amusing without being disrespectful.”

More Than a Dozen New Items in All
Also new this year from Comic Images:

· A 14” supersized Spiderman Super Deformed Plush, in conjunction with this summer’s blockbuster The Amazing Spiderman.

· Star Wars Plush Vehicles, including the Death Star and Tie Fighters as well as a huggable oversized 18” AT-AT (left).

· Super-soft 12” Footzeez of some fan favorites, like Yoda and Darth Vader. Footzeez are made of 100% ultra-soft recycled fleece with bean bag base.

· Novelty Star Wars Headwear, a new line being distributed
by Comic Images featuring Chewbacca, Yoda, Wampa and Princess Leia hats.

Comic Images will merchandise its line in full force in the Lucas Pavilion, offering dozens of separate products on site and taking orders from retailers for all its products with a range of price points and characters.

Standing in the midst of product readying for Comic-Con, Gordon added, “It’s hectic, it’s crazy … and it’s four of the most fun days of the year. We can’t wait.”

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