Dynamite Entertainment’s tongue-in-cheek pseudo-crossover with Vampirella and “Fluffy, The Vampire Killer” sounds like a lot of fun, but I think it’s kind of a shame that it’s not an official crossover with the “real” Buffy Summers.  There’s a lot of blood to be wrung from that stone, you should excuse the expression, and given the current status of both titles, a Buffy/Vampirella meeting would be a cinch to set up.  Of course, I’ve always thought it would be awesome if Jack Burton mixed up his trucks and ended up on an adventure driving Optimus Prime, or if Buckaroo Banzai had to investigate strange time-distortions in the near the Lone Pine Mall in Hill Valley, as well…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) warns you not to websearch “Buffy vs Vampirella” without SafeSearch (unless you’re into that sort of thing) asking:  In the age of crossover madness, what’s the one they HAVEN’T yet done that you most desperately want to see?


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    • The thought came to me watching the alternate Buffy with the scarred face created by Cordilia’s wish. One thought was “wouldn’t it be cool if instead of Cleveland she went to Chicago and Kolchak filled in for her Watcher. Of course, that would not have fit the story at all because the main point there was the “Buffy without friends == Bad Idea” theme. But it got me thinking.

  1. Chew and Doctor Who. Eventually it would end with Tony taking a bite out of the Doctor, which would cause our friendly cibopath to lose his stuff and, most likely, his head would explode.

  2. X-men and Legion of Superheroes (really any version of both) It may have been done before but it sounds cool!

  3. I’d actually like to see a return to the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe… Call me crazy, but that was a fun place to be. As far as new crossovers go, give me Hellraiser vs. Constantine.

    • I’m just waiting for a return to Amalgam in one form or another myself. It really was a lot more fun than I thought it would be at first (I honestly felt the idea too gimmicky, but I ended up enjoying it). I’d love to see how Amalgam spins some of the events that have happened since they last came out, and maybe even a spin on Ultimate Marvel and Earth One (since they both similarly update the mainstream characters in a “same-but-different” way).

  4. Dr. Who meets Bill&Ted. Somehow the phone booth ends up in the Tardis, plucky female companion thinks one of them is cute but then learns they are gunnjng for the princesses. Turns out the prinsesses are under threat from some alien or another. Dr. Springs into action, hilarity and Napoleon happen, then the day is saved.

  5. Deadpool/Doom Patrol

    Squirrel Girl vs Darkseid

    Howard the Duck/Darkwing Duck

    Spiderman/ Constantine

    Final Fantasy/Disney…

  6. It would be awesome if the comics I paid for on comiXology could cross over onto my computer’s hard drive so I can really own them.

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