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Next week’s Comic-Con International in San Diego just got two more awesome Minimates exclusives! Only available at the Action Figure Xpress booth (#3345), two all-new four-packs will make their debut at the show, one from the long-running Marvel Minimates series, and one from the brand-new Thundercats line!

The new Marvel Minimates set is the first to tackle that legendary team from the Great White North, Alpha Flight! The four-pack includes some of Canada’s greates heroes, including Guardian, Northstar, Marrina and Puck, each standing 2 inches tall with a full range of articulation. Plus, each comes with unique accessories — Puck with a cartwheel hand, Northstar with an alternate white hairpiece, and Guardian with removable mask and alternate Delphine Courtney head! This set will be $20, with more Alpha Flighters to come in the future!

The next Minimates set comes from new company Icon Heroes, which is bringing collectors plenty of exciting new Thundercats merchandise. The first ever Thundercats Minimates box set — based on the original 1980s cartoon — includes Lion-O, Panthro, Jaga and Mumm-Ra, each 2 inches tall with full articulation. For accessories, Panthro comes with his nunchucks, Mumm-Ra with a staff and removable cape, and Lion-O with his gauntlet, the Sword of Omens (large and small) an alternate shouting head and a non-poseable mini-figure of Snarf! Selling for $20, it’s the start of an exciting new line!

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