News out of Kirkmanville is that the Walking Dead will be adapted for console video games soon, allowing you to experience first-person the sensation of hating Shane, wanting to slap Herschel, and knowing that Carl is nowhere near where you told him to go.  The news of this release prompted my wife to ask when we were getting it, and when they would be adapting Game Of Thrones as well.  (Imagine that world translated into a massive fantasy/strategy game, like a cross between Civilization and World of Warcraft.  It’d be epic, and make fans heads a’splode.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would have killed Shane MONTHS ago, asking: What other properties should be immediately adapted to video games?


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  1. Interesting . . . because there already is a Walking Dead video game, as well as a Game of Thrones video game.

    I would love to see Battlestar Galactica (the more recent one) turned into a huge, sprawling video game akin to the Mass Effect trilogy in which you create a character and have to fight your way through the Cylon war. You don’t know if you’re a Cylon or not. Choices you make have grave consequences. I would play the frakk out of the game.

  2. As both an avid comic reader and a Gamestop employee many debates have already been had on this in store.

    Atomic Robo – I’m thinking platformer or Metroid style side scroller.

    Fables – This one is actually already in production, cant wait!

    Superman done by Rocksteady Games – the makers of Arkham City cause they obviously know what the hell they are doing.

    WWE All Stars 2 – Now that THQ is losing the WWE titles it probably wont happen but someone should use that style of game play and expand out the match options and rosters.

    Chew – Think LA Noir mixed with their particular brand of crazy.

    Finally, Shane was the best survivor on Walking Dead until the last two or three episodes when he went cuckoo bananas. Dale was a hippie pansy. As we all know from Zombieland and Walking Dead, fat guys make excellent zombie bait and Shane did what he had to in order to make it back to the farm.

  3. Gokaiger – A lot of the Super Sentai games are mere fighting games, which isn’t too shabby, but I think they could take the setting of Gokaiger (as well as the Super Sentai x Kamen Rider movie) and make an RPG style game (or possibly a multiplayer online game, but not really an MMO) out of it. Since they somehow still had Ranger Keys after returning everyone’s powers, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that someone else may have duplicated the keys as well. The player (or players possibly) could do quest missions on behalf of either the Gokaigers or one of the many almost military organizations within Super Sentai in search of these Ranger Keys (and possibly Kamen Rider Keys), learn a few game exclusive combos (like Gokai Silver’s Go-On Wings Hybrid or Gokai Christmas transformations) and team up with a few Sentai Legends along the way. And if the game were on the PC or any system with DLC, new series Ranger’s (and possibly Kamen Rider’s) keys can be added as time passes and new seasons come out.

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