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Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced their San Diego Comic-con 2012 lineup showcasing the latest wave of high-end collectible art statues and Bobble Budds® figures. Ranging from super deformed pint sized pugilists and robotic warriors to princely demons incarnate; Multiverse Studio has something for everyone. Multiverse Studio booth will be located in the main hall booth #2846 at San Diego Comic-con.

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter® game, the seminal classic arcade fighting franchise gets a tad bit cuter with Street Fighter™ Bobble Budds®. Each Bobble Budd figure measures 3.5-inches tall and features an exclusive bobble head locking mechanism for optimal functionality and display. Wave 1 features Ryu, Chun-Li (Player 1), Sagat, and Blanka (Player 1). Additionally, Multiverse Studio is offering the exclusive Blanka (Player 2 Variant). This super rare variant figure is limited to 1000 pieces and is sure to sell out during the show. Street Fighter Bobble Budds are available for purchase for $11.99 each.

Furthermore, Multiverse Studios is offering an exclusive early bird exclusive figure for the newly announced Mega Man™ Bobble Budds series. Proto Man will be available for purchase weeks in advance of the Mega Man Bobble Budds series launch and will feature his signature Shield and Buster Cannon accessories. Don’t miss out on this inaugural early bird special figure. Proto Man is available for purchase exclusively at the Multiverse Studio booth for $11.99.

Presented by SOTA Toys, Samael, the imprisoned demon prince, from the commercially successful video game series, Darksiders™ can now be yours as a 12-inch scale resin statue. Created directly from the in-game 3D file ensuring authenticity in physical form, Samael measures 13.5-inches from the base to the wingtip and feature the Guardian’s Heart in his clutched fist which will be powered by USB powered LED. Samael is available for purchase exclusively at the Multiverse Studio booth for $249.99.

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