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KEYLEAF COMICS is now offering FREE ADVERTISEMENTS to all retailers, both brick & mortar, as well as online-only. Retailers will be given a permanent advertisement in all properties released in a particular month. The advertisement will never be replaced, existing within said issue(s) for as long as they are offered.

“Keyleaf wants to give back what we can,” says Keyleaf Comics CEO Benjamin Glibert. “While we cannot yet offer all of our books in print, we want to offer something to retailers in an attempt to support what they do and have done, for as long as we’ve been enjoying the medium. There is no denying it, retailers are the front lines of the comic book industry and must be treated with their due respect. For now, this is what we can offer, so we will.”

Keyleaf Comics is not asking for anything in return. All retailers are eligible. Interested parties need only send an inquiry to Shannon Forrey, Keyleaf Comics’ Design and Marketing Lead for the 1/4 page template. Once the advertisement is complete, retailers will be allotted an upcoming month and see their ad on every title released within said month.

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