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On the heels of her record-breaking debut in CHAMPIONS #55, Heroic Publishing has quickly reshuffled the lineup of their flagship comic book title, and scheduled Billi Jayne Jensen, THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, for a series of Champions cover appearances.

Sensational G-Girl cover appearances are now on tap for Champions #57, 59, 61, and 63, with more almost certain to follow.

The G-Girl stories in these issues of Champions will be in addition to stories appearing in the G-Girl’s own magazine.

In Champions #57, in a story by the G-Girl’s creator, Dennis Mallonee, with artwork by Alessandro Scacchia, America’s newest costumed heroine is obliged by guest-stars Flare and the Black Enchantress to stop ignoring it, and sart dealing with certain consequences of the fact that she really has become the kind of girl most boys just drool over.

In Champions #59, the G-Girl has to deal with a very different kind of menace when her obnoxious kid brother Jimmy decides that a great way to raise extra cash would be to sell pictures of her not wearing her magical costume. “Candid Camera” will be written by Dennis Mallonee and drawn by Italy’s Gaetano Petrigno.

In Champions #61, Mallonee and Petrigno will team up again for a trip to the local “Soda Shoppe” with the Billi Jayne and the gang.

And in Champions #63, tentatively scheduled as a book-length, 24-page adventure, after Billi Jayne helps Flare and the Liberty Girl put on a USO show for our troops in Korea, things get a bit more serious. A lead has turned up that just bring our G-Girl face-to-face at last with the villain who kidnaped her mother and stole the powers of Giant.

In the pages of CHAMPIONS and the forthcoming SENSATIONAL G-GIRL comic book, Heroic Publishing is breaking new ground, following the adventures of a gorgeous teenaged superhero girl who used to be a teenaged superhero boy. The G-Girll’s quest to rescue her mother and regain the power that was stolen from her is a classic coming-of-age adventure that will explore the question of gender identity in contemporary culture in a way that comics never have before.

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