SOLICITATIONS: Here comes Winter Wonderlass


Press Release

If you thought ICICLE was the only pretty girl in the world of FLARE and the LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS with powers like ICESTAR’s, you’re in for a big surprise.

Get ready to meet Anysha Grant, the wonderful WINTER WONDERLASS.

The very existence of the Wonderlass is a secret Icestar’s been keeping under wraps for a very long time. But she’s tired of waiting for him to give the go-ahead for her to make her debut as a costumed heroine. And now, beginning in the pages of Champions Adventures #4, she’s going to make darn sure people finally get to know about her.

“The Birth of the Winter Wonderlass,” by writer Dennis Mallonee and artist James Webb, is the first in a series of all-new Winter Wonderlass adventures that will appear as back-up features in Heroic Publishing’s Champions Adventures comic book title. The mystery of the Winter Wonderlass is currently scheduled to unfold in every issue of Champions Adventures, at least through issue #13. And she is a mystery. Because the reason Icestar has been keeping her existence a “secret” all this time is because, as far as he knew, she didn’t really exist at all! The Winter Wonderlass is a totally fictional character. She’s someone Icestar completely made up as part of a story pitch for the official League of Champions comic book!

So when a real-life Winter Wonderlass suddenly appears on the scene, as beautiful, eager, and powerful as Icestar ever imagined her being, where in the world did she come from? And what’s her “creator” to think?

The first appearance of the Winter Wonderlass, in Champions Adventures #4, is now on sale. Fans can make single-copy purchases of this and other Heroic titles direct from the Heroic Publishing website, at Retailers interested in carrying Heroic Publishing titles should register online for an account with Heroic Distribution, at