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This episode: There are so many letters in the mail bag, that we need to spend some time answering them for you, our valued and most loved listeners.


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  1. Alex here, unfortunately I missed out on Nerdtacular, My trip got bumped a week. Also I only once got somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be.(I climbed the wall at the top of an Odeon in Greece.) Also I miss playing and roleplaying in Kansas. I have a group here though and it is weird being the most experienced person.

  2. ‘Sigh’…Guess it will take another week for my confusion and unhappiness with the previous episodes to be answered.

    • Alec Hallman on

      Phillip i do kinda get what you are saying but what make dnd is the role playing think about it if they always pick to fight and pass up character builder moments it would not be Critical Hit what make it great to listen to is they stick to there character even if it a bad choice and that is what make dnd campaign that you will never forget

  3. TBH I was upset that we had another Fanmail Ep… I know that being a (please don’t see this as coming off of my high horse, as what you do is worth it and I can finally contribute) donor doesn’t allow me to dictate what you do, but more 1hr+ Torqueltone action is always better. Part of this was that I was out of town, but I really wanted post-Trelle/MIA after The Hogba action.

    I’d rather be a pre-emptive part of the solution, but hopefully more people on board will hopefully make these things bonus eps as opposed to features of the week. Critical Hit used to be part of my weekend recovery on Sundays, but now I look forward to the episode releases Saturday afternoons (I hear they used to be Friday nights?!).

    Happy with Whatever and Zappy Kablamakus,

    DP aka FuhFuhFresh

  4. Some of my fondest gaming memories were playing Palladium games. I actually found (and still find) the combat system more to my liking than the systems used in various D&D editions. The armor rating/SDC/MDC system made much more sense to me than the armor class rules D&D has stuck with through the years. I also really enjoyed the possibility to actively dodge or parry attacks each round. RIFTS is workable as long as the GM and group are willing to work together to build a game world…a player dead set on making a game-breaking character is a problem in any system, especially if the GM acts as an enabler.

    • BavarianGnomes on

      Chiming in here to show my fondness for the fun, stupid simplicity of Rifts, which i describe as
      Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror / Manga Grab Bag.

      I ran an occasional face-to-face but mostly Play by Post Rifts game in the early 2000’s which was very fun. If you really think about a Rifts PC’s wacky back story you can give them a reason to be with the party, and you really have to ground these weirdo’s in the local campagin setting…
      Why did the Aztec God join a merc company in Ohio? How about that Dog-Boy Techno-wizard?
      or how did the Femme fatale psi-assassin get her groove back?

  5. Of COURSE Lindsey is a girl’s name! Lindsay Wagner? (or more recently Lindsay Lohan?)

    In any event, I do appreciate the advice, and I did actually use it in that night’s session. Wizard gives us a quest to hunt down [insert evil baddy’s name here] and I stopped and talked to him. After the momentary pause of everyone going “Really? You’re going to stop and talk to him.”
    “Yes. I am. I bet you want your best damage dealer along when you go fight your evil bad guy, don’t you? So you just stop and talk with me… or go get me another drink while I talk.”

    It was a big win in my book, because found out that he wasn’t Mister Nice Guy we thought he was! HA!

    So yeah, I think we’re going to start RPing more.

    Thanks guys! Color me a satisfied customer!

  6. Just chiming in to say I enjoy the mail call episodes.

    And on the subject of living D&D campaigns, you should check out what Paizo is doing with the Pathfinder Society.

    • Living Forgotten Realms is actually still going on with 4e, they put out a couple new modules a month. WotC doesn’t really track it anymore or offer rewards like they used to, but it’s a great way to get into D&D as a newbie or if you need to find a group. I was in charge of the group in Waterloo for a while, I found players for a really great regular game out of it.

      Most info is at the first Google link for ‘Living Forgotten Realms’, and you might be able to find something local with ‘Living Forgotten Realms [cityname]’.

  7. Alot of people ask how to teach their parents that DND isn’t evil. For my college entrance paper, I wrote about Christian heavy metal bands, a topic that was very controversial at the time. My main point was that a knife can be used to kill or to slice bread to share with the hungry (referring to distortion pedals, screaming and other “evils” of heavy metal). I think the same analogy applies to DND. Most parties are supposed to right wrongs and generally spread goodness across the land. Perhaps this analogy would help some of these kids with single minded parents.

    • XantharTheFlame on

      That’s quite good. But I still like Aldo’s custom one best myself…. and for the record I still think his miniatures are closer to how I picture the group than Thomas’ work, even though the crew have made them official canon… but that’s just me! I’d love to see Aldo make a mini for Trelle!

  8. This was definately one of the more-excellent fan-mail podcasts. Got a lot more variety of questions, and finally learned what happened to Alex!

  9. gammafighter on

    Stephen: Legends of…
    Rodrigo: It’s Settlers of Catan.
    Stephen: Settlers of Katana.
    Rodrigo: *Close enough*
    Hahaha. You guys are great!

  10. I liked the discussion about creating memorable villains. If you have a long running campaign you can use the tiers of enemies like the lieutenants/princes/king model, which would allow the DM to flesh out characters that can be similar in their motives but also have their own idiosyncrasies.

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