MOVIES Guardians of the Galaxy gets release date


Yes, the raccoon with a blaster, and the tree that says, “Groot” are indeed headed to the big screen, and now we have a release date.

What is really interesting is that Disney and Marvel have opted for Guardians of the Galaxy to be a live action movie instead of an animated feature.  According to Latino Review, the movie will feature the time-traveling team coming from the future (and possibly another universe), to stop Thanos, and lead into The Avengers 2: Infinity Gauntlet Boogaloo – or something like that, I expect we’ll hear the official announcement and title at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Expect 2014 to be an interesting year as audiences will get to see not only Captain America 2, but Guardians of the Galaxy, which will lead to the Avengers in 2015.  Ant Man is still on the down low, though rumors are that an announcement will be made about that really soon.  According to various sites, Marvel plans on releasing two Marvel Universe movies each year until they burn out.

Guardians of the Galaxy will arrive in theaters on May 16, 2014.

via Variety