Probably the most wonderful story to come out of Nerdtacular for me was the saga of the Critical Hit crew (minus myself and Adriana, to both of our disappointment) and their visit to a fast food restaurant which shall remain nameless.  Like Stephen says, if you’re not following us on Twitter, you’re not getting the full Major Spoilers experience.

The delicate balance between food and our shared hobby is a troublesome one, as I learn every Sunday morning as I search for the perfect balance between sorting/bagging comics and breakfast.  (My boss was both impressed and appalled when I was able to eat a cream cheese asiago bagel while grading a copy of The Brave & The Bold #28.)  In the 90’s, I had a friend who never logged on to his computer to game without first filling up his pop mug and grabbing some twinkies, and most M.S. Podcast recordings wouldn’t ever get finished without some orange soda and/or a beer.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to know if you need Mexi-Fries with that, asking:  What is your gaming/reading/writing/what-have-you snack of choice?


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  1. Gaming: Doritos/ ruffles&dip and Shock Top.
    Video Gaming:Popcorn & widmere hefeweizen.
    Reading: Cheez-its and tea.

  2. Diet Coke for sure. Although it used to be a nice cold Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. When I lived in Mexico City I got the guy on the corner to sell me once achingly cold Coca-Cola in a bottle that I would pick up on my way home. Where I would play NetHack or a MUD (if I could get the modem working).
    When I eat Fritos with a nice spicy cheese dip. But I will usually only do that if I am doing something I can do one handed.

  3. I drink mountain dew for any occasion. But for gaming i find that salt and vinegar chips are a tries and true freind? But for video games it gets slippery so i hit it with cheese its

  4. Tootsie Pop Drops and A&W Root Beer Barrels for when I just need a bit of sugar; beef sticks (not beef jerky, although I do like it), Combos or Lunchables if I want something lighter than a meal; Pizza or fried finger foods (like mozzarella sticks or chicken strips) if I want something with more substance.

    Granted, with the exception of the candies, it is rare that I eat while gaming. I’m on a lot of strong meds and gaming makes me tend to forget about food, so not only do my partner and goddaughter regularly remind me to eat, most of my closer gaming friends will even refuse to let me join them if I haven’t eaten a regular meal in a while (and I do tend to focus better on a full stomach too).

    • Oh, forgot to add that while reading, I tend to get peckish for foods that fit the theme, if it applies. When reading fantasy, I want cheese and meat (grilled chicken, ham, etc). When reading Star Wars, I want processed foods (I’ve ravaged a few MREs, particularly the dehydrated desserts, because they make me think it is what would be in a ship’s emergency supplies). For most comics, though, I tend to stick to cheese and crackers or Combos, something that leaves little residue so I’m not leaving prints all over the pages.

  5. Gaming, reading and writing it is typically only a cranberry juice. I am particular about sticky controllers or books with food smudges so I don’t want food near my stuff. In the movies it is a large Diet Coke, and that is begrudgingly. I figure If I would spend 10-15 bucks for movie snacks in a theater anyway I just go out to eat somewhere before or after the movie instead. Its usually cheaper, tastes better and typically is healthier than candy or hot dogs or something.

  6. When Tabletop gaming (RPGs, board games, or card games) you can’t beat a pizza or a good steak and cheese sub. In fact, my local game shop has a sub shop right next door that makes a killer steak-and-cheese.

    When writing, usually a cup of hot tea or an ice cold coke depending on my mood.

    When reading (books or comics), I tend not to eat, but I usually an ice water handy.

  7. When doing anything where I sit on my butt a lot it’s tea (hot or cold, depending on the weather) and David’s Low Sodium Sunflower Seeds. Plus or minus one Gansito.

  8. Raistlin Majere on

    Video Gaming – Pepsi/Salt and Vinegar Chips

    Reading – Orange and Spice tea/Oatmeal(regular w/butter&sugar)

    Writing – Lots of water/Salad(This space for description nobody cares about)

    Board and Card Gaming – Easily shared, low mess snack items depending on the game. Dnd you can play while eating anything. Whereas cards even when protected or some board game elements you don’t want to degrade with foodstuffs.

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