DVD: Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray


Westley and Princess Buttercup will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this October with a release of a special edition Blu-Ray on the second of the month. With this we are going to be getting a ton of special features, and a chance to influence the set, take the jump for a look.

First off, the special features.
· Audio Commentary by Rob Reiner
· Audio Commentary by William Goldman
· As You Wish: The Story of The Princess Bride
· Cary Elwes Video Diary
· Miraculous Makeup
· The Dread Pirate Roberts: Greatest Pirate of the Seven Seas
· Love is Like a Storybook
· The Princess Bride The Untold Tales featurette
· The Art of Fencing featurette
· Fairytales and Folklore featurette
· Original theatrical trailer
· Easter Eggs

Secondly, our chance to influence the item.

What we have here are two possible covers for the film. Over on their Facebook page, we get to decide which of those two will be picked. Personally, I like the classic a bit better, but the crown does have a few decent touches. So, go vote, then come back here and tell us what you decided.