TOYS: Hot Toys Says “Hello, Commissioner”


Hot Toys is offering an updated version of their 2009 Joker figure that is realistic enough I’m hiding all pencils incase he starts feeling magical. Look at Joker 2.0 after the jump!

The DX Joker 2.0 Collectible Figure from The Dark Knight movie, specially crafted based on the image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in the movie, highlighting the highly detailed head sculpts crafted with the latest sculpting and painting technique by our chief Korean artists Yulli & JC. Hong and the costume customized by the extraordinaire 1/6th scale figure costume artist Kato, which best fits his advanced body. The Joker 2.0 is definitely a must-have for fans! The DX Joker 2.0 Collectible Figure is truly movie-accurate, equipped with our patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), highly detailed accessories and weapons.

Joker 2.0 comes with interchangeable parts (face, hands, gloves, guns, knives, cards) to make recreating your favorite scenes easier. No price or release date has been set for the figure yet.

via SuperHeroHype