STATUES: Kotobukiya Unleashes Spider-Man


2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Stan Lee creating Spider-Man and it continues to be a spider-filled year as Kotobukiya puts Peter Parker on display in their newest release.

Sculpted like never before, the Amazing Spider-Man is seen in his latest statue flying through the air at almost 16” above the ground, with webs shooting out front and behind. Spider-Man himself is slightly over 7 inches tall, with a column diorama making up the rest of the height. Peter is dressed in his classic red and blue costume recreated with the finest of detail by master sculpture Erick Sosa. A Venom Fine Art Statue is just around the corner that, when combined with Spider-Man, will complete the mid-air battle scene.











This drool worthy statue can be yours in October if you want to shell out the $209.99 price tag Kotobukyia has placed on it. If I had that kind of extra cash I would be happy to make room on my shelf for my favorite web-slinger.