The marketing team over at Warner Brothers has found a way to get you excited about The Dark Knight Rises without showing you a single clip. Check it out after the jump.

Instead of promos with possible plot spoiling scenes, Warner Brothers has taken to the skies to prepare you for the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. With the Bat symbol busting through the sign this isn’t your ordinary billboard. Of course, I can’t say that for sure as out in this part of the country there are barely any billboards, and certainly none that look like this.

Surely the next step in the plan is Bat Signals in major cities around the world. The Dark Knight Rises comes to theaters July 20.


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  1. That’s a lot better than most billboards I see anymore (most I see are either hospital advertisements or telling you that there is an exit off the highway coming up with gas stations and restaurants).

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