With the success of Avengers I expected to see more merchandise developed for each of the characters, but this is a product I never saw coming. Coming to a liquor store near you, Thor.

If Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky had Thor picked for the name of their 16-year-old scotch originally then they are well ahead of the curve. The company will be distributing 23,00 bottles of Thor worldwide with only 1,500 showing up on American soil.

Highland Park had this to say about the flavor elements of a drink worthy of the gods:

Nose: Concentrated and forceful, with an explosion of aromatic smoke, pungent fresh ginger, antique copper, stewed plums, and golden syrup. With water, earthy notes emerge, like a garden after a heavy rain shower.

Palate: Thor’s high strength grabs the palate and refuses to let go. Initially dry, with fiery gingerbread, then vanilla, blackberries, fresh mango, peach, and hints of cinnamon. As its big flavours swirl around the mouth, some softer, sweeter notes develop, giving Thor an unexpected layer of complexity and depth.

Finish: The finish thunders on, leaving behind lingering notes of sweet vanilla and an intense spiciness.

A bottle of Thor will sell for $199 and if you aren’t able to find it locally, order online from Highland Park and have it delivered.

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  1. Aged 16 years… Navarre, I found a liquor for you!! (I’m so getting slapped for that!)

    Teasing aside, I’d love to get my hands on a bottle of that just to have since I can’t really drink while I’m on painkillers. The bottle would go nice alongside my La Fin Du Monde and Maudite bottles for the names alone.

  2. So why name an aged Scotch single malt after a Norse god? I don’t care if it was aged 16 years I have yet to find a bottle of hooch that’s worth 199 a bottle. Of course, that’s coming from a guy that would think nothing of dropping $100 on a box of cigars. :-) The wood dragon head holder is a nice touch, though.

    • Highland Park is located in Orkney, which is a part of Scotland that the viking also landed in and that heritage is still celebrated today. So it’s not entirely out there to name something after a Norse god.

  3. I saw these in Edinburgh before the Avengers came out (even before it came out in Europe), so this is just prescient. It is a pretty neat bottle, and sounds like a good whiskey, though.

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