In this issue: If you’re so smart, Spider-Man, why aren’t you rich? Plus, Justice League: The Movie!


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  1. With the Avengers doing as well as it did. One has to wonder how much WB/DC is hitting themselves for pulling Joss Whedon off Wonder Woman. I’ll freely admit Joss has written some bad movies Aliens 4 anyone(well other than the fact he repurposed a good part of it and called it Firefly, and it did have the 8th doctor it in it. Still a bad film). Anyways in light of the Avengers move, pulling Joss from Wonder Woman seems like a bad idea both in fact it set the project back years and the overall success of Avengers.

  2. On the JLA movie:

    “Then came a day, a day unlike any other, when writer’s block prevented Batman from solving the problem on his own, on that day the Justice League was born, Earth’s mightiest heroes!… And also Aquaman. “

  3. If they finally make a Justice League movie and they take out Superman in the first ten minutes . . . or zombify him or turn him into the puppet of the villain . . . I will be sorely, sorely disappointed.

    The hypothetical Justice League movie is the perfect time for DC to say, “look, we have cool superheroes too, not just Batman!” They need to make a big, fun movie (not unlike The Avengers) that makes people want to see the further adventures of each character — not just Batman. Make a movie that shows off the roster, giving each character their moment to shine, and then in the following summers, follow it up with solo movies and eventually another JL movie.

  4. The Starro idea is the way to go IMO. It gives a solid way to show the best and worst of Superman and his Unlimited/Ultimate Move set while showing that he is flawed. I just see a scene where Superman holds someone up with one hand and rips the Starro off…to see the person start to scream like they are being butchered. Superman uses his X-Ray vision to see that Starros are attached to nerve endings or something and goes “Oh Shit…what did I just do” It gives Superman a reason to use kid gloves. What to show off him unleased and all out? Have him and Wonder Woman go at it due to a Starro. I think it would work out.

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