MERCH: Freak Show Skateboards snags Savage Dragon art


I’m not a skateboarder, and some question my balance even when I’m walking with a good pair of shoes, so I’ve never gotten into the customized/specialized skateboard deck scene.  I do understand that decks can be adorned with everything from custom logos, to adult film stars to comic book heroes, and now Freak Show Skateboards has teamed with Erik Larsen for a Savage Dragon deck.

This is the launch of the Longbox Edition line of decks, with the first featuring Savage Dragon.

The dream of Freak Show founder Jim Sprandel, the Longbox decks are pro-quality skateboard decks with graphics by the best artists in comics. Something we have been wanting to do since starting this company. The aim of the line is to make the best skateboard possible, for those who love the sport. And to make a graphic that, along with the signature, can be a fine collectable as well, for riders OR fans.  Grind it, hang it on your wall…it’s all up to you.

The decks will be available in signed and unsigned editions, for those of you who like to take the boards out, and those who simply like to decorate.

via Freak Show Skateboards