THE MERCH: Alien Glowing Mug


Did you just arrive home from a long day of watching Prometheus and now want to cuddle up with a nice xenomorph and sip on your favorite cold/hot beverage? Well look no farther than Kotobukiya’s new Alien inspired mug!

Kotobukiya, widely known for their excellent statue lines, is launching new Alien merchandise after last giving us Alien chopsticks and ice trays. This mug comes in two designs: one featuring the Alien movie title with an alien head over xenomorph eggs and the other with a large xenomorph face with the title in “a cool technological design.” Whether you need to keep your drink hot or cold this has you covered and with a screw top lid you won’t need to worry about spills. You are also in luck if drinking in the dark because the artwork will also glow in low light settings.

Kotobukiya has yet to announce a price or release date, but said pre-order will be available soon.