In an announcement that had me scrambling to check if it was April 1st, Sony Pictures, Hasbro, and Happy Madison Productions are teaming up to produce a movie based on the Tonka Trucks toy line. Smells like a summer blockbuster to me.

Bob Osher, president of Sony Pictures Digital Productions had this to say about the announcement:

In its 65 years, Tonka has become more than a toy or a brand – Tonka trucks are a rite of passage for kids all around the world. Time spent with these toys creates memories that last a lifetime as kids are inspired to play using the boundaries of their imagination. We look forward to creating a family friendly motion picture that brings the Tonka experience to life.

So far only writer Fred Wolf (Black Sheep, Grown Ups) has been attached to the project.

I’m slightly disappointed Tonka Trucks is only going to be an animated feature; Hasbro is really missing an opportunity to try and recreate Transformers again after that whole Battleship flop. And just in case you are wondering, Sony also has the rights to turn board games Risk and Candy Land into motion pictures.

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  1. I could see it working, if they perhaps made it about the main character owning a company that made industrial trucks (Tonka) in “real life” (i.e. live action). The story would be about his journey from being a “Tucker-like” engineer who creates state-of-the-art dump trucks, etc, who ends up coming to the rescue of a township/city/capital/etc by bringing in his trucks to fight off a natural disaster (or even a terrorist threat, yippee!) after countless battles with those who don’t believe in him or who are out to steal his ideas.

  2. …yes…Mokin can see this…

    …something about aliens landing in construction sites…then, they try to take over the planet but are stopped by a bunch of construction workers who are the elite of the construction world…

    …a paramilitary elite construction force…yep…

    …that could work…

    …now Mokin is going back to his game of Battleship…

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