I’m pleasantly surprised to find Archie Comics remaining on the cutting edge of pop culture and issue awareness these days, and their profile is about to be raised a little higher come November, as Kevin Keller meets Star Trek icon and activist George Takei!  In Kevin Keller #6, Kevin comes face-to-face with his lifelong hero, and I have to say that George looks awesome Archie-style.  After KISS, President Obama and Captain Sulu, who will be the next to hit Riverdale?  (Fingers crossed for a Katy Perry/Josie and the Pussycats crossover!)

UPDATE:  Take the jump for the full cover image and solicitation information.

The story will be written and drawn by Kevin creator Dan Parent, who pitched the idea to Takei at a chance convention meeting. Takei loved the idea and it soon became a reality.

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  1. You forgot one. Remember that time the Punisher crossed over with Archie? Good times.

    No seriously, from what I hear that crossover wasn’t all that bad.

    • It was one of those things where it could be considered okay from a certain point of view. Personally I hated it, but I also had a hard time swallowing the TMNT/Archie crossover when I was a kid. But unlike the Punisher crossover, I actually had an easier time accepting the TMNT crossover despite the fact it was a cross-timelines meeting brought on by the Archie version of the Turtles traveling to Riverdale in the mouth of a cosmic cow head.

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