We are officially one month and five days away from the final chapter in the newest Batman line, The Dark Knight Rises. And if you aren’t already camping out in anticipation Warner Bros. is releasing a free-to-play game to get you to that level.

The Fire Rises is a real-time strategy game that allows players to play the part of a henchman whose goal is to rob Gotham of everything while Bane is taking over. Players will control their own lackeys in an attempt to rob high-level buildings before the Gotham PD shows up and puts a stop to it.

WB takes a surprisingly core-gamer approach to the browser game. Maximizing your looting sprees takes not just a good strategy, but a quick mind. Various crew members, from loot-happy Thugs to demolition-packing Saboteurs, offer different benefits and drawbacks.

To pull off big heists, you will have to mix-and-match your squads, spawn them from sewer covers quickly and efficiently, and arrange them around the battlefield in just the right way to buy your looters valuable time. Steal enough goods and you will unlock more crew members, including Catwoman herself.

The game will allow players to share their high scores through the Facebook. Doing so will make it easier to brag, but I just don’t want 45 people sending me invites everyday. That gets annoying and makes me want to rise a fire on the whole site.

Upon the initial release date of June 19 there will be three levels unlocked with more to follow once TDKR hits theaters on July 20.


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