SDCC’12: Batman Be@rbrick


If you are looking for exclusives at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Diamond Comics and Medicom have what you crave with the exclusive Batman Be@rbrick.

Medicom and Diamond Comics have teamed up for an exclusive DC Comics Batman Be@rbrick wearing his classic grey and blue costume. This will be a nice break from all the Dark Knight Rises black costume’d Batman merchandise that’ll be available at the show. This 2″ figure, limited to 2000 pieces, will be packaged on a blister pack featuring a classic DC design. You’ll be able to find this exclusive at the Diamond booth (2401), Diamond Select Toys booth (2607).

I don’t “get” the Be@rbrick stuff, but this looks adorable enough to sit on my desk and menace the other toys who look to do wrong – BY CUDDLING THEM INTO SUBMISSION!

Entertainment Earth has this on pre-order right now for $14.99.

via Action Figure Insider