Wizkids has announced the final con-exclusive figure for Heroclix this summer, and it’s Superman and Superman. For a closer look, you’ll need to take the jump.

Highlighting the Golden Age Kal-L and the Modern Kal-El teaming up at the end of Infinite Crisis, this figure is just plain awesome. We get one of the coolest duo sculpts Wizkids has ever put out, and it’s on a very playable piece as well. I am looking forward to GenCon in August where the first chance for anybody to get one of these will be.

For more info, check out WizKids official announcement.


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  1. Oooo, I really want this one. No GenCon for Joe though. The Wonderful Wife quite rightly points out that 1) I’m spending a lot of money on a patio, and 2) none of my friends are going and I would be all alone.

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