Critical Hit recording sessions always leave me totally overamped and excited, and the latest one was no exception.  I’ve played a lot of sessions of a lot of games (often ignoring a lot of rules) but I love how our Critical Hit team hits a real sweet spot in terms of player and character balance.  With the addition of a new party member and some sweet official character designs from the always-amazing Thomas Perkins, I’ve been contemplating the meta-existence of Orem, Torq, Randus, Trelle and Ket.  I’m absolutely pleased at the our new status as a tradition Five Man Band like G-Force or the Captain Planet kids, but my inner nerd knows that the Five Man Band is often joined by a Sixth Ranger, which has gotten my mental gears a-turning (always a dangerous proposition.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a THaC0 of -3, asking: What fictional character would you choose to be a purely hypothetical sixth Critical Hit party member, and why?


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  1. You guys need a thief, but considering the amount of trouble you get yourselves into, you’d probably wind up with someone like Tasslehoff.

    Although, someone like Haley from Order of the Stick might work.


  2. I vote Kvothe from “The Name of the Wind”
    We already have a mage who is kind of a swordsman
    A mage who is kind of a Battle commander
    and a mage who is kind of a robot
    so adding in a mage who is also a thief would be humorous.

    • first cool thing that came to mind. Alternativley Aang or Koora to have a bit more firepower and general classical elements power….

      Now that i think about it, what about the Autumn Kings Knight – i want him (there is a king right?)

  3. Leela from Futurama!

    1) Girl Power
    2) You’d have someone decisive on the team
    3) Torq wouldn’t be the only one in melee
    4) The Planet Express ship will get you around the feywild a lot faster than walking… just saying.

  4. You need a Bard, to that end, I suggest a D&D Version of Buckaroo Banzai, but considering his genius, it could be him.
    For the Common Sense aspect that is sorely needed, Flint Fireforge gould handle that. Come on, he could handle Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

    • His name was AEOFEL!!!

      Sorry, since Wheaton isn’t here, I had to correct you for him.

      Seriously though, a meeting of Acquisitions Inc and the Torqueltones (SP?) would be great and I think Aeofel would be a great addition to the team. Also, hearing Torq try to pronounce his name = comedy gold.

      • I have a feeling he would get the name absolutely correct from the very first attempt. And it would drive Whil even more crazy.

  5. Bip as played by Marcel Marceau. I would give my right eye to listen to the adventures of a bardic mime. The rules would be a little tweaked but essentially his party would get the same buffs they would get from songs by him pantomiming the actions. IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

    • Triggernator on

      Slight problem with this idea, it’s an audio podcast, as in no-one would see him, just here the rest of the party laugh hysterically…

  6. How about Army Chihuahua? Or maybe Axe Cop, he might give Torq a run for his money with the whole chopping off heads with an axe.

  7. The girl that Eragon accidently cursed to be “forever a shield from harm” which caused her to feel all the pain of everyone around her and let her see a short distance into the future, and gave her some other, freakier abilities, from the “Inheritance Cycle” by Christopher Paolini. Or Arya from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R. R. Martin, because she is this firey, angry girl who loves “dancing” meaning sword fighting, and is learning to be what is basically a priest of the Many Faced God, is what I think it is called (maybe it was He With Many Faces) who is every death god ever, all in one.

  8. The Archive from Jim Butchers Dresden files book series, because a 7 year old girl who can use her mind to control a shard of metal that is from the space outside space (basically the far realm) that uncreates anything it touches and she does this while looking cute, must be at least paragon tier. Also, seeing a little girl correct Orem when he’s wrong about anything would be really hilarious.

  9. Alexander D. on

    In any other situation, I would suggest Smith. But knowing what happened Smith came back I would not want Torq goin’ nutso again.

    So I would have to suggest bringing on the ever-so-lovely “Queen’s Rebellious Daughter.”

      • Aspiring Spambot on

        Indeed. When all else fails, I’d have to go with the guest star that wouldn’t require any legal red tape to introduce.

        Failing that, I recommend they have a contest where players submit their own character concepts (with or without accompanying stat blocks) to guest star in an episode/session.

        As for crossovers? I agree with the idea of a Critical Hit/Acquisitions Inc. teamup, just because both groups are awesome and I have a feeling that Wizards would be really open to it.

  10. I’m thinking Snake Eyes. Since he won’t talk over any of you and will kill everything that needs it. Plus he has Thievery.

  11. I would say Deadpool, but Matthew already has the constant references and forth wall breaking niche covered.

    So instead lets go with Kyle Rayner. With his good attitude, sense of humor, and gallons upon gallons of creativity; I legitimately think Kyle would be a great person to play D&D with.

    • Ever since DC did the Pulp Heroes annuals one year and the GL annual had Kyle pulled into a fantasy painting (where he lived for some time, yet when he emerged only seconds had passed in the real world), I’ve always imagined he’d be really picky about making his character build “realistic” to a higher degree than most would.

  12. I think the team would have a second lady. And with how much experience the team already has with weird, creepy things, I think she would have more knowledge from studying evil than adventuring to fight it. A rookie learning from her elders. Someone similar to Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

  13. Codex (Felicia Day) from “The Guild.”

    Felicia is smart and hilarious, she’d make a perfect addition to the table.

    Codex is a cleric, so she could provide extra damage and buffs while helping Randus with the increased workload of trying to keep 6 people healed!

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