TOYS: Super Robot Chogokin Produces Megazord


In 1993 a group of teens with attitude were recruited by a face in a tube to battle the evils that every week feel upon the town of Angle Grove. When a staff from the moon made those evils grow, those teens joined together to form a robot that makes Megatron cry. Megazord. You can now own it.

Super Robot Chogokin, parented by Bandai, is producing a diecast version of Magazord, or if you are a truest Daizyujin, that looks fantastic. Magazord will come with different accessories including: Dinosaur Sword Godhorn, Mammoth Shield, two sets of interchangeable hand parts, parts for Super Legendary Lightning Cut finishing move, shoulder mount cannons, and energy beams to shot from the crown.









Magazord hits shelves in October of this year and will retail for $60.99.