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Magic 2013 is right around the corner and we’re already seeing preview card spoilers. Today we’re going to look at a deck featuring Krenko, Mob Boss (a spanking new card) along with one of my favorite cards of all time: Mirror Entity.
Check it:

4 Evolving Wilds
8 Mountain
8 Plains
20 Lands

4 Knight Exemplar
3 Goblin Chieftain
4 Mirror Entity
2 Krenko, Mob Boss
1 Captain of the Watch
2 Ornithopter
1 Kinsbaile Cavalier
17 Creatures

Other Spells:
4 Dragon Fodder (or Krenko’s Command)
3 Gleam of Resistance
3 Fiery Fall
3 Flame Slash
4 Midnight Haunting
2 White Sun’s Zenith
4 Dawn Charm
23 Other Spells


At first glance you might be a bit confused. Why is Knight Exemplar here? What’s with the thopters? But take another look, it all clicks together with the glory that is Mirror Entity. That’s right, Mirror Entity turns your knights into goblins, your goblins into soldiers and your thopters into knights. The best part is that there’s no tapping required, and since half the creatures in the deck provide static bonuses you can pay 0 mana and still have beefy, indestructible, hasty vigilant beaters.


Krenko, Mob Boss. Magic 2013 M13Krenko is the card that puts this deck over the top. Pay any number of mana to mirror entity and suddenly Krenko brings a little goblin squire for all your knight exemplars, a little goblin pilot for your ornithopters and a goblin medium for your spirit tokens. Not to mention that with a goblin chieftain on the field Krenko can call up his little token mobsters the moment he hits the table.

krenko, mob boss, mirror entity, knight exemplar m13

Speaking of Tokens, this deck makes a lot of them, and Midnight Haunting’s flying spookies will end games in a heartbeat if Mirror Entity’s around. I threw in some Dawn Charms for added protection and some Flame Slash action to clear the field for your attacking ghostgoblinknights.

Also of note are the basic landcyclers. This deck wants to generate as much mana as possible and these were the best options without resorting to one-shot spells like Seething Song and its ilk.


This deck is very easy to alter; for one, you can trade out any lord for any other lord of the same color, say a Sunrise Sovereign if you’re feeling brave. Adding other colors would majorly change the way the deck plays (but not in a bad way). A Captivating Vampire in black, or a Lord of the Unreal in blue would cause your opponents all kinds of headaches. Lastly, you can always add planeswalkers. Any version of Elspeth can make you more tokens and Chandra, The Firebrand can double each shot of your token-making spells.

Hopefully you enjoyed taking a look at this deck. If you guys get a chance to try it out at some point let me know. I’d love to hear how it went.


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  1. Hey Rodrigo,
    Looks pretty cool. Might be nice to add in some Goblin War Strikes, Gempalm Incinerator, or Goblin Bombardment, so you can put the goblins to use without needing to attack.
    I built a deck like this, but your deck is much more efficient – I was using Brightstone Ritual combined with Warbeak Trumpeters to produce goblins, and as such couldn’t afford to double very often.

  2. George Chimples on

    I haven’t played magic in 8 billion years, but this deck sounds fun. Always did like goblin decks. Around how much would this deck cost, dollar wise?

    • Last I checked Mirror Entity was a $6 card. Krenko isn’t out yet, so who knows what he’s going to go for. Other than that every other card is pretty cheap I think.

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