TriForce has acquired the licensing from Warner Bros. for the wildly popular, and totally mind-blowing, games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. With such highly held games the company would have to bring their A-game to do them justice. Decide if they did after the jump.

As of now, TriForce has two prop replicas that are in pre-order state. The first is a full-scale replica of the Batarang, complete with a lighted up Batman forearm to hold it securely in place. And when they say full scale, they mean it. The Batarang weighs in at 20 pounds and is 28” inches wide.

The second product is the Riddler Trophy that could be found throughout Arkham City. This is also a full sized replica, even though I imagined them slightly bigger, measuring at 19” tall and 4” wide.

You can pre-order the Batarang today with a deposit of $187.50 with a total price of $750. The Riddler Trophy can be pre-order with a deposit of $87.50 for a final price of $350. Both products are set to ship in the 4th quarter of this year.


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  1. Oh gods, do NOT let certain friends of mine see these, particularly not the Batarang replica. One friend’s wife is already on his back about having way too many Batman collectibles (seriously, it is a bit much for someone on his budget).

    That said, I wouldn’t mind having one of them myself if I had that kind of cash to blow.

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